Rannerdale the Time Warp
  Degallo The Real DealDegallo Look At Me
  Ardlyn Passing Cloud over DegalloCh. Mistmere Wind Storm
 Red Dawn the Scottish Passion Degallo Shakala
 Nessie from Lady Lucia Paulhays Damon Isle (JW)
  Ch. Mister Mactoby V.`T MaartenshuisCh. Mona Melissa V.`T Maartenshuis
  Ch. Evros Tiptop ToscaCh. Mascot
Dillen from Lady Lucia   Ch. Chiroskas Fable at Evros
Naila vom Luhering  Degallo the Legend
  Ch. Japaro by DesignCh. Japaro Song `N`Dance
  Ch. Excellent Choice Twinkle-StarCh. Excellent Choice Impish Fire
 Excellent Choice Such is Life Kitty Gold ze Shetlandu
 Dana vom Luhering Ch. Bermarks Pride `N`Presence
  Sensusan Koh-I-JusScandyline Nordic Beauty
  Yanka vom Stromarner LandRudy vom Stromarner Land
   Sheltieblue Ring Blue Bell