Ch. Semitar Balloo



Ch. Comedy`s Exception

Comedy`s Blue Buffy


Ch. Dino Marino de Casa Wolveson

Ch. Wendisle Tudors Crown Jewel

Cresteak Tudor Crown at Wendisle




Wendisle Cinderella Chimes




Goodtimes Too Hot To Handle



Ch. Shellove Ebony Icing

Ch. Goodtimes Blazin`Hot Moments  

Goodtime Precious Moments

Ch. Allpeachys Midnight Caller


Leigh-Hi`s On The Rocks  

Ch. Grandgables It`s Show Time




Leigh-Hi`s Made In New York




Zolly z Cerninske tvrze 

Pearlies Perlchen from Shamrock River  


Oinch vom Aueneck 

Xana vom Aueneck


Ch. Halef vom Aueneck  


Quahira vom Aueneck

Princ vom Rindsberg 




Haifa vom Aueneck 




Miles Mc Coy vom Ohmtalteufel



Early Pearlie from Shamrock River  

You`re My Soul from Shamrock River 

Kyrie Fair Play Called Sydney 



Kelsey from Shamrock River

Danny vom Rindsberg




Ch. Elisabet vom Rindsberg